Electronic Validation
We have the responsability of managing complete electronic project by testing & validating systems.
Test systems development :
+ Hardware development (test boards, Evaluation module, validation tool).
+ Software development (firmware, User Interface).
+ Test bench set-up on-site.

Validation :
+ Compliancy Test Matrix creation.
+ Tests automation via Labview or TestStand programs.
+ Measurements conform to the compliancy test matrix and according to the customers’ preferences.
+ Weekly reporting to expose progress, bugs and findings.
+ Validation report, Compliancy Test Matrix, all scope captures delivery.

Additional tests :
+ Stress tests performance (the device is put in real applications).
+ Thermal analysis showing the device dissipation capacity.
Electronic Development
APL develops, optimise & repair electronic products.
PCB expertise (Printed Circuit Board)
+ Schematic, Layout.
+ Board area analysis to reduce class manufacturing.
+ PCB up to 16 layers.
+ Board validation.

Electronic repair
+ Defects analysis on all types of board.
+ Repair defects.
+ Rapid response.
+ Cost reduction compared to replacing the entire board.
+ Fight against planned obsolescence of electronic systems.

Software Development
Our mission is to develop graphical interfaces & firmwares for computers and smartphones applications.
Automation :
+ All types of equipment are controlled and automated by programming languages.
+ Use of standard / customized racks, remotely controlled.
+ Possibility of set-up at customers’ locations.

Graphical user interface :
+ Graphical Interfaces are developed using graphics libraries or programming languages.
+ Graphical Interfaces can be fully compatible with automation.

Firmware :
+ Our team develops all types of firmware, compatible with our graphical interfaces.
Thermal Analysis
We perform accurate thermal analysis to estimate the capabilities & limits of a system.
Evaluation of the thermal cartography of an IC, a PCB or full systems by using an HD thermal camera (384x288 pixels resolution
in real time, range -40 to 300°C, +/-1.5K accuracy).
IC thermal dissipation
IC thermal dissipation
Analyse Audio
We manage testing integrated or Hi-Fi audio systems.

Two analog channels input/output THD+N>-115dB, analog analyser and generator, analyser and generator DSP plus 192k numeric input/output.
Analog Power Lab owns an audio analyser, reference Audio Precision SYS2227, to test
any kind of high-fidelity audio system.

Analog Power Lab is expert in analysing :
+ Power Amplifier
+ Converters
+ Amplifier class D
+ Loudspeakers
+ Microphones
+ Codecs
+ Level Audio System
+ Digital Interfaces