The Talented
The Ingenious Engineer
« Adaptation & Creation » these two words truly summarize his career. Born in Rodez in the Aveyron region, Pierre has always built & tested prototypes, that it came to constructions using Legos at age 7 or programming robots to pick up balls in engineer school.
An unusual career which began by obtaining a BEP (Professional Training Certificate) in Electronics followed by a technology oriented prep school and finalizing with an engineer diploma from Polytech’Sophia in 2003.
This scientific’s alchemy, led him to work on ambitious projects at STUDIEL for the DCNS.
In 2006, he integrated Texas Instruments’ MIS team where he quickly became development supervisor in boards test & validation. This new function gave him the oportunity to work in close collaboration with mobile phone manufacturers & consequently to travel around the world.
In 2013, upon closure of Texas Instruments France and eager for peers‘ recognition in his field of expertise, it's quite logical that Pierre created Analog Power Lab with Jerome MICHELOT in order to respond to a rising need in external validation.

DNA : Autonomous hyperactive, stimulated by excitement & creativity. His joy in life is contagious.

Mantra : « Success is to fall down seven times, get up eight ».

Revelation : « In 1994, a bad fall in the toilet gave me the vision of a spacetime electronic module ».

Passion : My wife & my 2 daughters, football (Dagh Monegu), squash, France & … wood pallets’ construction !
The Creative Engineer
"Create and Innovate" are the words that characterize the best Jerome. After several dozen years in Paris, he obtained his Master’s Degree in Engineering in embedded electronics and communication systems. Professional life was then taken him down in the south!
Despite his Parisian accent, he managed to integrate high technology companies for which he worked on the most innovative and complex projects for over 10 years. It was during these years that Jerome has earned a strong technical recognition in electronics and computers, but also he acquired his mindset to be CEO of Analog Power Lab.
It's in 2013 that Jerome created with Pierre CANTAGREL the company Analog Power Lab.

Mantra : « Dream your life in colors, this is the secret of happiness ».

Hobbies : Watching my son grow, music, doing repairs around the house.

Philosophy : Why waste time doing things when you can automate?
The Genious Technician
Used to work for Texas instruments, Jeremy is a pure Nice product that as more than a few tricks up his sleeves. With a « strong background » in electronic, the PMIC & others ASIC had better watch out. He is a real terror in the IC validation field.

Special sign : Born & raised in Nice ! He feeds himself basically only with pissaladière, Socca, Pan Bagnat, & other south of France delicacies.

His quality : Optimistic, « but it can also be a flaw because I constantly have the feeling that everything is possible ».

Beside electronic there is … : Table football. Only when there is an opponent who dares to challenge him…